Make Your Memories Last Too!

"If you build it, they will come. " ~Field of Dreams (1989)

The type of project JoJo's Jungle is could fall into this camp. Once it is built, whoever hadn't heard of it before will hear about it for sure. What if that person would have wanted to be a part of it? First, you need to tell them about it! WAIT! WAIT! Read on first... Let them know how they can help!

We've been working on memorial paver designs for JoJo's Jungle since last summer. I can't believe how much work goes into that! I'll spare you the technicalities but, today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of Memory Lane in JoJo's Jungle! Now you can contribute a paver that greet everyone from start to finish.

There are three sizes to choose from: 4" x 8", 8" x 8", and 16" x 16".

You can even honor the memory of a soldier or a family pet with a symbol added to your paver. Click above to see the order forms!

There have been so many requests for these so we're so happy to be announcing this. Hurry! The very first official order form has already been completed by none other than JoJo's Grandparents, Lon and Lucy Hoerter!

Thank you!