ANNOUNCING: Point of no Return!

Words cannot adequately describe what I am about to convey. When my wife Destiny and I promised Josiah that we'd make a playground for the community in his memory, we really had no idea what it would entail. I reached out to Kareen (KASH Playground), and she prepared me for years of research, planning, etc. Four years is what I thought this would take. However, the response we received from the Wausau community and its leaders revealed just how great the need is for a destination like JoJo's Jungle. With faith, that God has blessed this journey, we set to work.

It has been just a year since our promise took shape and we are happy to unveil the full playground design along with a major announcement. The entire site will accessible to all and fits the vision we talked about from the very beginning. The budget to construct JoJo's Jungle is $2.4 Million including a 15% planned endowment to maintain the playground for many years to come.

Pause to let that sink in a moment... ... are you still with me?

Great, so let me give you some AMAZING, AWESOME, ASTOUNDING (thank you thesaurus) news!

I love Wausau. It has to be the best place in the great US of A to raise a family. When it comes to family, Wausau has some incredible support. For JoJo's Jungle, that means making a dream a reality. This year is all about fundraising, and the road isn't as long as you might think. The B.A & Esther Greenheck Foundation have officially agreed to help with a financial gift for $1,000,000!!!

Pause to let that sink in a moment... ... if you aren't still with me now, you probably passed out!

This is such a wonderful gift! With it we confidently speed forward to our goal of celebrating groundbreaking on JoJo's 5th birthday: May 21st, 2017. Save the date, help spread the word, and join us in the excitement!

Now I present to you, JoJo's Jungle in its entirety! The JoJo's Jungle Playground destination is planned at over one acre in size. Starting at the entrance to the center is the butterfly garden focused on supporting Monarch Butterflies and other endangered species, it contains separate extensive play spaces for 5-12 (left), 2-5 (right), 0-2 year olds (lower right), splash pad (bottom), zip lines & musical area (center top), and two picnic areas.