Coming together

What an intense week this has been! We finalized our playground elements and headed to the kickoff meeting with our Landscape Design Architect firm, Rettler Corporation, in Stevens Point. This was a special meeting in so many ways!

First, our project needed a professional Landscape Architect. Choosing multiple playground makers for one playground meant we had to assemble it all ourselves. These guys know their stuff, and they’ve done it before! Have we mention the awesomeness of KASH Playground? Yea, our first inspiration, they did that! Check out their website, Facebook page, and especially visit the playground itself! We chose Rettler because they have the variety of skills and talent necessary to design a beautiful and functional playground destination.

I’d like to take a moment in this article to give our condolences to the Rettler staff and family of Jeff Bahling. He was a Project Manager/Master Planner at Rettler for 24 years and the creative intellect behind KASH Playground. He passed unexpectedly in December, before we approached Rettler. I’ve learned a little about this amazing person and the impact he had on the Stevens Point community. It would have been an honor to have him working on JoJo’s Jungle.

There are many talented people at Rettler. We are all very excited for them to carry on Jeff’s passion and continue serving the community by helping us to build the most amazing playground destination imaginable!

The founder of KASH, Kareen Everman, met us at Rettler for our kickoff. It was great to finally meet her in person. We’ve talked so many times since we made our promise to JoJo. She helped answer the many questions we had about playgrounds, safety, and fundraising for a project like this. The meeting was full of positive emotion and great ideas. Talk about an intense 3 hours! We walked out of there ready to conquer the playground world!