A Tour to Better Your Experience!

As many have seen on our facebook page, our family has tested many playgrounds in the region to make sure only the best makes it into JoJo's Jungle. Well last weekend we took it a step further and accepted an invitation to tour one of the playground manufacturers; Landscape Structures Inc (LSI), in Delano Minnesota.

Let me preface this with an honest opinion. A year ago I thought we'd have little to do with LSI in JoJo's Jungle. I thought to myself "their equipment is in almost every playground around Wausau and we can't build just another playground." I am so glad we gave them a change because they have SO much more to offer! Especially to the younger audience!

We spent the morning with the President, Pat Faust, learning about the history of LSI and the pride they take in treating their employees right, running a clean and responsible company, and ensuring their product is cutting edge and top quality; every time. In the afternoon we met with the customization design team with the goal of making the 2-5 year old area something spectacular. This is when I realized I've personally, mentally, moved from design into the next phase of our project, working with donors and contractors. So we had a problem... for a moment.

Solution: I confidently turned over the reins of the design to two people from our team that came with us. Deb Hoover, Occupational Therapist with Birth to Three, and Amanda Powers, Community Service Child and Family Specialist with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

I'm so glad I did!

I watched in awe as they worked together to come up with fresh designs full of fun and incorporate the latest research in early learning. Great stuff you rarely find in a playground will be in JoJo's Jungle! I can't wait to see the results from the designers!

We were all impressed to say the least! While I have a new appreciation for what goes into the creation of playground equipment I was most impressed with the creativity in the concrete production plant.

Check out some of the pictures we took while we were there:

During our tour we were blessed with this shining example of their custom panel work. JoJo's logo!!

Happy tears!!